Aug 27, 2018

Will the railways issues be resolved? – Salaries Commission to meet today!

The special commission appointed by to review existing salary structures of public sector employees and make recommendations will meet for the first time today (27).

Based on a decision taken at the Cabinet meeting on August 14, President Maityhripala Siriasena appointed this Commission assigned to look into four main issues.

Paying attention to the existing circular, the railway department salaries would be reviewed and a new salary structure would be formulated while making recommendations on the possibility of increasing salaries of entire public sector settling salary anomalies of all government servants including the railway workers is their first task.

Their second task is to look into whether there has been any salary anomalies according to the current circular as demanded by the Railways, Health, Higher Education and Postal fields and give their recommendations to minimise these anomalies.

Their third task is to also look into the island wide services salary issues and to provide recommendations to minimise the salary anomalies that may have arisen due to the increments implemented.

 The fourth task entrusted to the Special Commission is to recommend a new salary structure that would minimise salary and allowance anomalies of workers who holds similar responsibilities and qualifications.

The Chairman of this special commission is S. Ranukge, while the Secretary is H.G. Sumanasinghe along with 14 other members of the commission.