Aug 23, 2018

Jaffna gangs harass residents again!

Several of the gang members centered around Jaffna had attacked several houses and threatened residents and damaged property yesterday (22) evening, according to security units in Jaffna.

The gang members had threatened residents in Jaffna, Kakkuvil, Inuvil and Thavadi and damaged several items in these homes.

Although they had not attacked any person, due to the damage caused to their property, the people are said to be in fear once again.

According to the Jaffna residents, around nine of the group of gang members had come on motorcycles and damaged their property.

During the recent past many such attacks, robberies and threatening of residents had been carried out by these gangs in the Jaffna, Chunnakam, Kopai, Manippai areas.

The security divisions had identified several of these gangs involved in these activities such as the Awa gang, Dhanu Rock gang, Victor Gang etc and over the past few weeks special operations were carried out to arrest them. During these operations around 50 gang members were arrested by the Jaffna Police.

The Jaffna Police is conducting further investigations regarding the latest incidents.