Aug 21, 2018

Wigneswaran complains to European representatives(pics)

A discussion was held between the Northern Province Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran and a group of European representatives yesterday at the Northern Province Chief Minister’s Office.

During the meeting he told the European representatives that the northern and Eastern people are facing difficulties in their daily lives due to the military camps in the area, adding that although the government promised to supple water to the North from the Mahaweli river when they resettled Sinhalese people from the South in the Northern areas, the government has still not supplies water to the North but the people from the South have been settled in the North.

He also said that the former LTTE cadres had been made government spies under the rehabilitation programme and they are being released on the assurance that they spy for the government.

Wigneswaran said that the current status of the Northern Province and the lives of its people were further discussed with the EU representatives.

It was reported that nearly 40 representatives from several European countries had participated in the discussion.

Pix by Madhawa Kulasooriya – Vavuniya Corr.