Aug 15, 2018

Large scale tortoise meat racket in Muthurajawela

The Kandana police had arrested a suspect who had been involved in a large scale racket, killing the tortoises in the Muthurajawela sanctuary and selling their meat. Police had also found several knives used for killing of tortoises, tortoise meat, eggs, tortoise shells and live tortoises during the arrest.

This tortoise slaughter house had been discreetly operating at a house in the Kandana, Kalaeliya. Due to the large scale cutting of trees and clearing of the Muthurajawela sanctuary, the animals have lost their habitat forcing them to venture into the surrounding residential areas. Hence, some residents have taken this opportunity to kill these animals and sell their meat.

The Kandana Police OIC Rohana Munasinghe is directing the investigations being carried out by a group of police officers of the Kandana Police including Woman SI Weerakone, Sergeant Karunanayake, Constable Ekanayake, Sandaruwan and Kumara.

The suspect is scheduled to be produced before the Negombo Magistrate’s Court.

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