Oct 30, 2017

Pottuvil children play for 5 periods Featured

School children of Akkaraipattu, Pottuvil have not attended school since October 24 due to the shortage of teachers, it is reported.

According to the parents of these children, around 175 teachers had been transferred to other areas due to various political reasons. 

Due to this situation there is a shortage of teachers of around 40 percent while another 10 percent of teachers have applied for leave, they claim. 

This situation has been prevailing over several years and the children are now more focused on playing than studying. Their parents are forced to keep them at home as even if they attend school, these children spend around 5 of the nine periods playing due to the lack of teachers. 

When we contacted the Principals in this regard, they claim that as Pottuvil does not have a zonal education office they have to adhere to the decisions taken by the Akkaraipattu zonal education office. 

Therefore, the parents of these children urge the authorities to establish a zonal education office in Pottuvil and resolve this educational crisis that is affecting the future of their children.