Sep 04, 2017

Kusal on Mahinda : The Sinhala Selfie (Video)

Senior journalist and political columnist Kusal Perera talks on his latest book - 'Rajapaksa : The Sinhala Selfie', which will be launched on Sep. 12, 2017 at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute, Colombo from 4.00pm onwards.

During a casual chat with 'Sri Lanka Mirror', he said that he attempts to read Mahinda Rajapaksa as the Sinhala icon, the Sinhala Selfie in Sri Lankan politics.

Speaking further, he said that Rajapaksa still remains the most formidable factor in Sri Lankan politics, despite suffering two election defeats within 09 months.

The full video is as follows :

The Sinhala collection of his essays “83 දරුවෝ” edited by Krishan Siriwardhana will also be unveiled at the Sep. 12 launch.

North Province Chief Minister - Justice C.V. Wigneswaran and Krishan Siriwardhana will attend the event as guest speakers.