Feb 20, 2017

Nethmi’s fresh take on styling

Nethmi Muramudalige started off her career as a fashion designer after she completed her undergraduate education in fashion. 

She worked as a designer and had early success being selected to show at Sri Lanka Design Festival and several other public platforms.

Meanwhile, Nethmi also found herself being drawn towards a very specific area in fashion- this is styling. Styling constitutes of curating the complete look to go with the outfit from makeup, hair to accessories etc, in order to create a particular mood or to bring out a specific persona of the wearer. If used to its full potential, styling can be one of the most powerful tools to enhance  one’s personal identity whether at work or in personal life. Encouraged by her family, friends and mentors, Nethmi went on to explore this niche section of the enormous fashion industry; the outcome was NMStylefolder which is now easily among Sri Lanka’s leading online portals for styling. With Nethmi emerging as an expert in styling, her talent has been pursued by several fashion brands while her online following too continues to grow at tremendous speed. Nethmi spoke to the Weekend Leader about her journey in design and styling and her personal take on the craft.

What made you try styling and make-up as an extension of your creative background in design?
When I took a break from working as fashion designer, I spent more time learning about makeup. I started buying just to review in my blog but ended up using them on friends and their photoshoots because its hard to get good quality makeup here in Sri Lanka. I was doing it for fun for friends but then I realised my passion for makeup and started learning seriously because I got more and more bookings through word of mouth. Graphic styling was actually a challenge I couldn’t avoid when I took my next job, but I gave my heart and soul to it and I realised it’s another thing I’m good at.

How important is styling to personal identity and presentation?
Styling IS your personal identity. It’s your first impression. Styling is how you present yourself so it’s a lot more important than how a lot of Sri Lankan people think.

What inspires you on a daily basis?
I check international fashion retail websites and their social media everyday. Instagram also inspires me daily and sometimes I go through old travel pictures I’ve taken if I can’t find anything inspiring on the internet.

How do you style someone; do you understand their personality, lifestyle, career and family /social roles before you begin, or is it largely dependent on the outer appearance?
Or is it a balance of both? I give priority to what they want, because it doesn’t work if they’re not happy and confident in what I think they should wear. So yes, I try to understand their personality and style them
according to that.

Where can someone find out more about your work?
I have my blog www.nmstylefolder.com  which everyone is welcome to follow, and I’m daily active on instagram: @nmstylefolder . You can also find me on my facebook page: Nmstylefolder