Oct 03, 2018

Venya’s recipe for success (Video)

In a typical patriachal society, life is no bed of roses for members of the fairer sex climbing up the corporate ladder as successful professionals.

Nevertheless, the challenges they face make their stories of success extra inspiring. Today, we are having a chat with one such charismatic and admirable female figures in Sri Lanka’s Human Resources field.

She is Mrs. Venya Jayasekera, the Directress (HR) of Galle Face Hotel, Colombo.

Speaking with ‘Sri Lanka Mirror’ in an exclusive interview, Mrs. Venya addresses one of the commonly faced problems in Sri Lanka’s hospitality Industry. The low percentage of female staff. She also points out that new recruits in any field, have a huge responsibility as well.

Elaborating further on the low female representation in the workforce of the hospitality industry, Mrs. Venya talks on the policies that the Galle Face Hotel has put into practice to increase the security of their female staff and to counter discrimination and harassment. She also talks about challenges of bringing in more females into the field ; legal barriers as well as social stigma that centres around females working in the hospitality industry.

Also, many would consider migration of labour to be an issue. However, Ms. Venya says it is a reason to be proud of and elaborates how migrating professionals in the hospitality industry do return eventually with a wealth of international exposure.

Being a head of a department is always a challenge and Ms. Venya reveals recipe for keeping her cool during trying times. She also elaborates how challenges she faced during her illustrious 18-year long career as a HR professional. And her secret to success? Persistance, no pending work, plenty of balancing out challenges, and 200% dedication.



Interview by : Shiranthani Manawadu
Pics / Video edits by : Shanika Jayasekara