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Jun 29, 2019

“Maximum Pressure” Campaign Won’t Work on China

China does not want a trade war, but we are not afraid of one and we will fight one if necessary. China’s position on this has never changed. We will never give up our legitimate rights and interests in the trade war initiated by certain politicians of the US side.

Just as President Xi Jinping reaffirmed, China and the US should deal with the trade and economic problems on an equal basis and pay more attention to reasonable concerns of each other. China, with a highly responsible attitude and utmost sincere, hopes that the two sides could bridge differences on trade and economic issues. However, foreign country should never harbor the illusion that China would trade core interests, or allow harm to be done to its sovereignty, security or development.

Donald Trump Administration even tried to use so called “Maximum Pressure” campaign, forcing China to compromise on issues of core interests. Clearly, they should have spent some more time learning the history of the People’s Republic of China and having a better knowledge of the Sino-US relationship for the past few decades. During the past year, after going through all the maximum pressure campaign, backtracking and trade-bullying from the US, China has understood what the so-called “the art of the deal” really is and has become more and more resilient. A trade war against China will never stop us from developing ourselves. Instead, the world will see Chinese people transforming pressure to propeller, and Chinese economy growing stronger and more stable.

In history, both China and Sri Lanka have suffered from the aggression and bullying from western powers. Through strenuous effort and liberation, the two countries both regained independence. We two peoples know the value of sovereignty and respect. In 1952, in face of pressure from blockade and bullying from western countries, the then leaders of our two countries signed the Rubber-Rice Pact. Nowadays, both China and Sri Lanka have benefited a lot from modern international order featuring trade liberalization and economic globalization. Neither of us would let others turn back the wheel of history at will and use maximum pressure campaign only to grow themselves while exploiting our rightful interests. China is willing to work with Sri Lanka and other countries, safeguarding the international order of fairness and justice, resolutely fighting the intervening and bullying of powers and all together promoting the establishment of a shared future for all human kind.

Ambassador Cheng Xueyuan 


by Cheng Xueyuan
The writer is the Ambassador of China to Sri Lanka