Mar 03, 2019

Grey hair at 30? Home remedies to REVERSE the problem

What wrinkling is to skin, greying is to hair. Both are signs that herald age. But it can be postponed if taken proper care.

We despair as much over the wrinkles that begin to line our face, as we do over the hair that turns white. Ageing, however, is a natural process. With time, the body ages and the signs of ageing manifest themselves. Greying is one of them. 

Sometimes, the hair begins to grEy prematurely and presents a problem, mainly because the exact cause of graying is not known as yet.

To understand the greying process, one must have a basic idea of the structure of the hair. Each hair consists of concentric layers. The outermost layer is the cuticle, which is made up of tiny transparent scales that overlap each other. The cuticle protects the hair and contributes to its shine. The second layer is the cortex. It is in the cortex that pigment or colouring matter forms and gives the hair its colour. For reasons not yet known, the pigment does not form. When the pigment fails to form, the hair is white. The white hair mixes with the dark hair and gives the impression of grey hair. Naturally, when the white hair appear, the question of how to deal with them causes much concern, not only from the aspect of concealing them, but also to check further graying. The most obvious way of hiding grey hair is by colouring them, but if you are looking out for some natural home remedies, we have got you covered.


Henna is a natural hair colourant that is widely used. All you need is some henna powder and mix it with yogurt, methi seeds, coffee, basil juice and mint juice. Now, boil all the ingredients for fifteen minutes. Let the mixture stand overnight and apply it on your hair in the morning. Leave it on for three hours and shampoo your hair afterwards.


NelliAmla is also a wondrous hair colourant. Mix amla with henna to check greying. Soak a handful of dry amla in about two cups water overnight. Next morning, strain the water, but do not throw it away. Grind the amla. To the henna powder, add the ground amla, five teaspoons each of lemon juice and coffee, one raw egg and enough amla water, so that the henna mixes into a thick paste. Apply the paste on the hair, so that the entire head is covered. Keep it on for two hours and wash off with plain water. This can be done once a week.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil
Coconut oil if mixed with amla can be a great remedy to fight greying. Boil some dried amla pieces in coconut oil and let it stand overnight. Apply this oil to your hair for speedy treatment of grey hair. If you want you can grate some ginger and honey in this mixture too.

Black tea

Black tea

Black tea can be a great remedy for grey hair. Make one cup of black tea without adding milk to it and add one tablespoon of salt to this mixture. Now massage the lukewarm tea on your head, making sure that your hair roots are nicely nourished. Let the mixture stay on your hair for at least half an hour, before washing your hair thoroughly with a good quality shampoo.

Sage leaves

sage leaves
Try dried sage leaves to fight premature greying of your hair. Boil some water and add 4 crushed leaves of dried sage. Let the mixture stand for two hours and drain it further. Now, add a few drops of glycerine to the mixture, which will provide your hair with nourishing vitamin E. Mix well and massage on your scalp for natural black hair.