May 14, 2021

ITN board approves COVID bonanza for Sudath Rohana Featured

Tension is rising in the ITN after it's director board approved to pay an exorbitant rate of Rs 750,000 per episode for a teledrama of which executive producer is Sudath Rohana who coincidently serves as the Chairman of ITN.

The controversial teledrama named "Manikkawata" is said to be produced by a Muslim businessman Fahim Mawjood who has previously too produced several teledramas directed by Sudath Rohana, the srilankamirror understands.

The ITN employees are in a dilemma as to why such a huge amount is paid to one episode at a time when the ITN's financial position is very weak.

Records show that the highest amount so far paid to an episode of a telerama at IT is Rs 200,000 and that has been paid to "Kumbiyo" teledrama which became a very popular one.

Apart from approving a huge sum for the teledrama,  the board has given approval for Sudath Rohana to take leave in order to complete the teledrama in three stages.

Besides, the board approval has been okayed to use the ITN staff to make the teledrama.

Accordingly, the approval has been granted to release a section of the ITN staff to handle pre-production, production and post-production stages of the teledrama.

Employees lament that this decision will deal a severe blow to the ITN which is already facing a financial issues.

The ITN had to depended on the funds given by the treasury until the advertisements offered by the National Lotteries Board.

On other hand, it is alleged that Sudath Rohana has also obtained three teledramas from one of his friends, paying a huge sum of Rs 400,000 per episode. 

Besides, he faces the allegation of renting a jeep, by paying monthly rent of Rs 200,000, despite there being a luxury vehicle allocated to him by the ITN.