Sep 04, 2021

"Selling wheat flour at new price announced by Prima, illegal" (Video)

Chairman of the National Movement for Consumer Rights Protection - Ranjith Vithanage says that Prima announcing a Rs. 12 price hike on their wheat flour, is illegal.

According to Article 20 (5) of the Consumer Affairs Authority Act, No.9 of 2003, any price hike of wheat flour requires the approval of the Consumer Affairs Authority.

Mr. Vithanage notes that no such approval has been granted to the Prima company.

In this backdrop, consumers can complain to the CAA hotline 1977 if any vendor is selling wheat flour at a higher price, he says.

Although it was attempted on several counts to illegally increase wheat flour prices, such attempts were refuted by the CAA, he adds.

Accordingly, the MRP of a kilo of wheat flour is Rs. 87, Mr. Vithanage says.

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