Apr 11, 2021

Chicken to be priced at Rs. 600 per kilo Featured

The government has reportedly given the green light to sell a kilo of chicken at a Maximum Retail Price of Rs. 600.

The decision had been taken at a discussion between State Minister of Co-operative Services, Marketing Development and Consumer Protection - Lasantha Alagiyawanna, poultry producers and traders yesterday (10).

Accordingly, a kilo of chicken sold at Rs. 540 will increase by Rs. 60.

Poultry traders in Pettah had recently taken steps to withdraw from the market due to the rising market prices of chicken.

According to reports, 54 shops in Galle are also protesting by stopping chicken sales.

It has now become commonplace for the five major poultry companies in the market to artificially create a shortage of chicken during the New Year season and increase prices.

It is reported that although maize is purchased for Rs. 70-80 by the relevant companies for animal feed, it costs only around Rs. 330 for a large scale company to produce a kilo of chicken.