Mar 10, 2021

Leasing firms, banks use criminals to seize vehicles Featured

In a shocking revelation, it has come to the surface that notorious underworld figures and persons with criminal records are being used to seize the vehicles when their owners default the leasing and bank loan payments.

It is alleged that a sum of Rs 50,000 or more than that is being paid to seize one vehicle.

A part of the payment is made before the vehicle is seized and the balance after the operation is completed.

It is also reported that to become a "seizure", one needs to be indicted with several criminal cases and that they also should be notorious criminals. Most of these people who perform "seizing acts" are residents of remote areas and they are temporarily staying in Colombo and suburbs.

It has been revealed that once a vehicle is seized by these so called gangs, they use it for their criminal acts for several days without handing over it to the particular leasing firm or the bank.

Law enforcement agencies now suspect that most of the time, these vehicles are used to transport drugs when they in the hands of these underworld figures.

It is unfortunate that these leasing firms and bank continue this "so called operation" despite President Gotabaya Rajapaksa's order to police to stop leasing companies from re-possessing defaulted leases. His order was given in last year's June after a three-wheeler owner was allegedly beaten to death by workers employed by a leasing company.

SriLankamirror will soon reveal the names of firms that use criminals to seize vehicles, who gives permission for such misdeeds and who gets benefits out of them.