Feb 17, 2017

Waters Edge begins work on mega entertainment centre

Waters Edge Battaramulla broke ground for a mega entertainment centre that will provide recreational and entertainment opportunities for the public.

“The Station at the Edge” will be a one-of-a-kind entertainment hub that brings together sports and entertainment.

Waters Edge Chairman Chamath De Silva said the development project aims to create a recreation, leisure and sports facility on the far side of the water front in collaboration with the Sports Ministry and the Urban Development Authority.

The space will also allow various sports associations and bodies the chance to utilise the area for national and international level sporting events. The centre will facilitate thirty sports including many water sports such as kayaking, rowing and wind surfing among many others. The centre will be segregated into three different categories under extreme sports, leisure sports and kid’s sports.

The main objectives behind the project are to convert acres of land into an area that provides the public with an opportunity to engage in sports and relax while also providing the youth of the country with state-of-the-art facilities to train at.

The project will also feature a unique train running along a rail track consisting of seven carriages that will be converted into kitchens and three passenger compartments revamped into restaurants serving up hawker style street food.

The platform beside the railway track too will be used as part of the restaurants creating a typical train station atmosphere with the hustle and bustle that is commonplace of a Sri Lankan railway station. Ensuring that the restaurant is accessible to all, food will be affordably priced and made fresh daily.A fresh fishmarket is also on the cards.