Jun 16, 2020

Eggs & chicken affected by maize import ban Featured

It has been decided to extend the ban to import maize, reports say.

The decision had been taken at a special meeting yesterday (15) chaired by Presidential Secretary - Dr. P.B. Jayasundara.

With the decision to limit maize imports, poultry and egg prices in the local market have soared.

It is said that the meeting had focused on allowing imports of a non-farmed substitute to control the price of chicken and eggs.

However, Dr. Jayasundera had emphasized that the importation of a substitute too, should end in the month of October.

Although the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) has announced a Maximum Retail Price of Rs. 430 per kilo of chicken and Rs. 530 for a kilogram of skinless chicken, prices currently range from upto Rs. 650 per kilo.

In addition, an egg is sold for nearly Rs. 20.

However, on the request of Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa on March 23, the All Ceylon Egg Producers Association had agreed to sell an egg for Rs. 10.

'Sri Lanka Mirror' learns that the limitation of supply has also contributed to the price increase. In the wake of the Covid-19 epidemic, chicken suppliers had reduced their production capacity by 30% and had taken measures to sell off their stocks as soon as possible.

Previously, poultry and egg producers had purchased maize from a local farmer for between Rs. 50 - Rs. 55. However, this has increased to Rs. 70 by now.

Also the price of broken rice used for feed which could previously be obtained for Rs. 48 has now increased to Rs. 50. In addition, the price of imported soybean too, has gone up from Rs. 85 to Rs. 110 due to the strengthening of the dollar.

Further, a 15% price increase of oils including vegetable oil has contributed to the overall price hike.

Earlier, it was pointed out that chicken was the highest content of protein available at the lowest cost.

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