May 30, 2019

Businessmen complain to CID on Sampath Bank fraud Featured

Several businessmen who had fallen prey to the financial fraud at Sampath Bank have lodged complaints with the CID.

One such businessman from Borelesgamuwa, Mr. K.D. Weeratunga has complained to the CID that the bank had engaged in financial transactions using funds from his account, without his acknowledgement.

In addition, several other businessmen had lodged complaints against the bank, according to sources from the CID.

Some of the depositors who were victims of the massive Sampath Bank scam are said to have deposited millions of their money on the request of the bank’s higher officials, CID investigations have revealed said inside sources.

It has been revealed that world renowned Ayurvedha physician Kelum Weerasinghe had withdrawn millions of his money from his HSBC Premier account and had deposited it in Sampath Bank based on a request made by the Managing Director of Sampath Bank.

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