Oct 04, 2018

Gamata Technology to empower communities

Gamata Technology, an accelerator platform initiated by youth-tech entrepreneurs covering every corner of Sri Lanka is a nation-wide initiative is Co-Chaired by Dr. Ashan Perera, UN SDG Action Award Winner 2018, Youth Advocate, Social Entrepreneur and Founder of The Road to Rights Youth-Led Organization.

Gamata Tech is an independent national initiative collaborated with The Road to Rights Youth-led Organization and Mithuru Mithuro Movement supported by Bannercuts.com. The platform is aimed at supporting technology experts, youth entrepreneurs in rural areas who lack opportunities, within an entrepreneurial environment that encourages collaboration, fosters job creation and provides connections to local and International resources.

Gamata Technology will embark on 14th October 2018 at Nelum Pokuna Mahinda Rajapaksa Theatre with the presence of young entrepreneurs, leading tech companies, renowned personalities and Locals covering 19 Districts over Sri Lanka. The event will be a cultivated Dialogue on Digital Sri Lanka with the participation of erudite speakers of the industry as is targeted to attract over 1000 individuals from all parts of the country.

Dr. Ashan Perera, Co-chairperson of the Gamata Technology platform commented on the event, “The main aim of Gamata Technology is to provide people with a comfortable platform to engage with the rapidly growing and changing technology landscape and helping communities to realize the value of what technology builds. We are working towards bringing the concept of Digitalization in Sri Lanka to higher standards and increasing the crowd accepting and engaging in this digitizing process. This will help the government in its way to digitalizing the public and other sectors”.

Digitalization opens up new opportunities to influence and transform various fields in a country such as business models, organizational patterns, legal and policy measures, economical structures and most importantly cultural barriers.

Co-Chairperson Dr. Ashan Perera further added, "But sadly, this has mostly been limited within the walls of urbanized and industrialized areas. Often citizens in rural areas are not reached with technology due to various difficulties they face in using technology. This has affected the development of the country as a whole because digitalization of the public sector cannot be fulfilled, as the common public is rather uncomfortable with it. But recently the private sector has focused on this issue and has acted upon changing this. They have introduced various services, which include the use of technology to fulfill one's day-to-day activities. This method has proved to be more efficient and helpful to its users".

On the positive light, the Sri Lankan market is very conducive to and very adaptive to new technology. With the revolution of Technology Sri Lankan technological system is starting to gear up with the ongoing tech World. With that eruption many youth from urban to rural have paved their way by using maximum of the modern technology. Gamata Technology will be a debut of such talented entrepreneurs who will showcase their knowledge and talent in technology at the forum.

The platform is projected to provide exposure and advancement to technology to rural areas, so that people can communicate effectively, overcome the limitations of time and space, empower themselves by providing information and knowledge, provide income generating and learning opportunities, increase transparency and efficiency and enable people to express their concerns and to actively participate in decision making processes. Its’ role is important for the development of economy in enhancing the effectiveness of market, productivity, competitiveness as well as creating better quality of life for the public.

The event is supported by Bannercuts.com as well as I.C.A.N Advertising; a grassroots initiative which has made an impact on lives of people in over 15 districts through tech-based platforms. I.C.A.N has been engaged in the technology and advertising industries for over 3 years and with a team of experts in this field for over 6 years.