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Written by Amali Dissanayaka Category: News

Pregnet 410px 13 07 24Agalawatte Police has started investigations to arrest a group of people who are suspected to have entered a house without permission and  have forcefully commenced an abortion on a pregnant woman who was living there.

The victim of this horrific crime is a 30 year old woman living in Haldopola, Agalawatte.

At the time of the abortion, the fetus had completed 6 moths of pregnancy.

the complaint lodged to the police reads that a group of four including a woman, had entered the house by force and had commenced the abortion..

Police say that the suspects have left a note regarding the crime inside the house.
The woman who faced this harassment is now receiving treatments a the Nagoda hospital.

Last Updated on Thursday, 25 July 2013 08:36